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 We invite you to make some ripples with us!
Something special happens when we come together in authentic and meaningful ways.  We ask... we listen... we share.  If we're lucky, that sense of true connection lingers and even grows over time.  These connections can enrich us personally as well as in other aspects of our lives.  Here... we call them ‘ripples’, and as a member you will join others who appreciate the unique dynamic of group interaction. 

One of the benefits of membership is the Members Forum... a place to convene with Christine and other members creatively and  purposefully. Unlike the Community Feed and forums for specific gatherings, the Members Forum encourages a deeper level of community. This is where you and other SSR ‘regulars’ can interact in ways that have the potential to explore and expand , personally and professionally. 

You might first meet your fellow members in this forum.  Others, you may have come across in prior Stone Soup Ripple gatherings. Either way, you will participate in a world of compelling content and people who want to engage in continued conversation and activation.

We look forward to you taking part in the Members Forum experience!

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$11.00 per month Join Plan

As a Pebble, you have access to all online salons and pop-ups and gathering forums, with advance registration.   In addition Pebbles participate in the closed Community Feed and of course, the Members Forum. 

If membership isn't for you, you can just Sign In to have access to the Community Feed and attend gatherings as you go.


$33.00 per month Join Plan

In addition to the Pebble benefits, as a Stone, you are invited to participate in exclusive monthly online conversations with Christine and whoever else she might invite to join in.  You will also receive invitations to non-SSR events as opportunities arise... and they do!  
... and of course, our private Members Forum provides opportunities for continued conversation and ripples among your fellow members.


$222.00 per year Join Plan

We "see" you and thank you for diving in as a Rock.   
With this annual membership, you will enjoy the same premium benefits as Stones at a greatly discounted rate (less than $19/month).
This membership level is our way of acknowledging your longer term support of our evolving community.  
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